Lesson 8 – Language for Giving and Receiving Negative Feedback

While not necessarily specifically about mental health, being careful with our language and tone when providing (or receiving) negative feedback may have an impact on mental health at work. 

When providing negative feedback, be sure to do so in a safe and confidential setting, with examples that are grounded in facts, while clearly articulating the behavior change you would like to see. Be sure to participate in active listening and to listen non judgmentally to the person’s response. It’s also important to recognize what feedback the person is required to adopt, and what feedback they may choose to ignore – things that may be a matter of personal preference, etc. 

Similarly, when receiving negative feedback, be sure to participate in active listening, and acknowledge and validate the person’s feedback. If you feel it’s appropriate you may choose to apologize for the behavior you are receiving the negative feedback on.

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