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Welligence is Wellness + Intelligence

Raising an organization’s Wellness Intelligence Quotient through education and practical application can have profound effects on employee satisfaction, productivity, and the company’s bottom line.
But driving towards a more mental health-minded organization requires effort and reciprocation from ALL levels of an organization. While top down support of mental health is crucial, when individual employees of all levels are given the knowledge and tools they need to operate with openness, empathy, and positive action, the impact can be exponential.

Welligence leans into this mindset to ensure that each individual within an organization can start breaking the barriers to employee mental health.

Did you know that our courses have been developed and approved by our team of advisors?

We have worked in close collaboration with Clinical Psychologists, Organizational Psychologists and Adult Learning and Development Specialists to ensure the accuracy and applicability of Welligence’s content.

Meet the Founders

Kaitlin Scates

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Kaitlin grew up shaped by the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley. After graduating from Clemson University in 2013 with a B.A. in Communication Studies and a minor in Psychology, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams of working in the entertainment industry. Although she has spent the last 8 years building a successful career in production, Kaitlin has always sought an opportunity that would allow her to combine her two desires: to make a difference in the lives of others and to own and operate a business.

Jordan Sider

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the University of Maryland, Jordan spent 15 years in advertising and production where she explored every opportunity to combine her business acumen & creative side. As she began stepping into management and leadership roles, Jordan developed a growing passion for people, mentoring, and workplace wellness. Co-founding Welligence has given her the opportunity to further explore ways to help people realize their potential.

Our Founding Story

Co-founders Kaitlin Scates and Jordan Sider started working together in 2016 at a hybrid advertising agency and production company in Los Angeles, CA.

With complementary working styles and personalities, they quickly became each other’s sounding boards and thought partners. Through this relationship, they discovered one anothers’ history with mental health challenges, which became a focal point of their working relationship. Both Kaitlin and Jordan have lived most of their lives with depression and anxiety diagnoses, though to others, appear as high-functioning, hard-working, go-getters. Over the years, they continued to implement and optimize new ways of working to support each other’s mental health.

In 2021, when employee mental health was at an all-time low, Kaitlin and Jordan decided to take their passion and learnings for mental health in the workplace, and develop something that could be helpful to all organizations. And with this, Welligence was formed.


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