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Mental Wellness Training to Create Healthier Workplaces.

U.S. businesses lose over $210 billion every year due to mental health related issues. Welligence specializes in skills development programs and peer learning for organizations through the lens of mental health to improve employee well-being and mitigate financial impact.

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Women Owned Certified By Women's Business Enterprise National Council

“We are proud to count Welligence as one of the 18,000 plus certified WBEs in the U.S.”

-Pamela S. Williamson, PhD., President / CEO, Women’s Business Enterprise Council – West

Expert-Delivered Interactive Courses

All Welligence courses are developed by our team of organizational psychologists, licensed therapists, and learning and development professionals. Courses are delivered by either a self-paced e-learning platform, an interactive virtual classroom or peer learning led by a Welligence instructor, or a combination thereof.

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Wellness Training With an Impact

Retain and Attract Employees

The ongoing talent shortage has given employees and job seekers more power to affect change and insist on the kind of transparency and openness that allows employees and employers to openly discuss mental health challenges and find solutions that meet individual needs.

Build Stronger, More Resilient Teams

Employees in today's demanding work climate will benefit from understanding resiliency tools and workplace mental health strategies that they can implement and self-manage.

Normalize Mental Health Conversations

The greatest barriers to supporting mental health in the workplace begin with a lack of understanding by those with the power to make change and discomfort talking about sensitive and historically taboo topics for fear of financial and professional repercussions.

The Business Case for Wellness Training

Improving mental health boosts bottom lines while increasing individual happiness and raising organizational morale.

It’s estimated that anxiety and depression, alone, cost the global economy $1 Trillion in revenue annually—reflecting the negative effects of declining mental health on productivity.


of adults in the United States suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder—not including those struggling with undiagnosed challenges, such as burnout. National Institute of Mental Health


of adults in the United States will experience a mental illness during their lifetime. National Council for Mental Wellbeing


of Millennials and 75% of Gen Z’ers, have left jobs for mental health reasons. Harvard Business Review Survey

It costs between


of an employee’s salary to replace them. Mind the Workplace

Better Mental Health to Solve Organizational Challenges

Challenge: High Employee Turnover

Approach: Tackle some of the top reasons for employee turnover – overall burnout and mental health, manager-direct report relationships, sense of purpose, growth and autonomy within an organization.

Challenge: Manager Mental Health Essential Skills

Approach: Teach managers how to foster psychological safety, use job crafting for improved effectiveness, and facilitate conversations around mental health and workplace concerns.

Challenge: Mental Health at Work Independent Management

Approach: Learn thoughtful ways to job craft for individuals and provide them with the confidence, resilience and creativity to do their best, most effective and efficient job.

Challenge: Showing Support for Employee Mental Health

Approach: Demonstrate a commitment to work-life balance, a supportive work environment, and inclusivity by providing employees with access to Welligence’s growing list of programs.

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